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GPIO 2024-02-28
Can't get GPIO to work
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to activate or deactivate any GPIO following the steps in this blog post or this GitHub repository:
But I can't seem to get it to work! The message I'm getting is:
unable to open comportcan not open comportResponse error : READ_COMMAND
Does anyone know why? Could someone help me with this?
Thanks in advance.

Queralt Martinez Fernandez

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Power Source 2023-09-15
Kiwi - alternate power input source
Hi everyone,
pls could you tell me if there is the possibility to power up the Kiwi board with a power source different from USB_C power source ?
I saw this from Raspberry's GPIO pin layout. 
Could it be applied to Kiwi board too ?

Alex Nathan Bellini

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Accessories 2023-09-08
Power adapter
Is the power adapter included in the KIWI310 box? or what is the part number for ordering?

H Hannah

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Accessories 2023-09-08
Cooling solutions
What are the cooling solutions or recommendations to keep the KIWI310 running optimally?


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Power Source 2023-09-08
Power sources
Other than USB C power, which method can I use to power up the KIWIBoards?


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Devices 2023-09-08
External storage or RAM
Can I attach external storage devices or additional RAM to my KIWIBoard?

A Artis

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Power Source 2023-09-08
Max voltage for input
What is the safe voltage range at the input of the KIWIBoards?

A Artis

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GPIO 2023-09-08
Sample code for GPIO
Where can I find the sample code for the GPIO?

G Greg

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GPIO 2023-09-08
GPIO max voltage
Are the GPIO pins from the KIWIBoard only 3V tolerant?🎯

G Greg

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GPIO 2023-09-08
Isolation in GPIO inputs
Does the KIWIBoards have isolation circuit in the GPIO inputs?

E Emi

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GPIO 2023-09-08
Max current GPIO output
What is the maximun current from the GPIO pins in the KIWI310?

D Debbie

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Network 2023-07-20
Default IP address
Which is the default TCP port of KIWI310 for using Node-RED?

D Daria

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Power Source 2023-04-17
ODM services?
If I need ODM services, who can I contact? Software, electronic, or mechanical team? 🤔

X XiZhiBro

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