KIWI 1.8" 2024-05-07

Why is KIWI310's GPIO input default low instead of high?

Why does the GPIO input of KIWI310 default to a low state instead of a high state?

M Mike

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GPIO 2024-02-28

Can't get GPIO to work

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to activate or deactivate any GPIO following the steps in this blog post or this GitHub repository:
But I can't seem to get it to work! The message I'm getting is:
unable to open comportcan not open comportResponse error : READ_COMMAND
Does anyone know why? Could someone help me with this?
Thanks in advance.

Queralt Martinez Fernandez

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KIWI 1.8" 2024-02-26

how do I change IP address on Kiwi Board installed with android OS

jack lin

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KIWI 1.8" 2023-11-29

GPIO inputs signal issue

Why does the signal trigger when the input to GPIO16 on the KIWI310 is in an open circuit state?

M Mike

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General 2023-09-19

3D Model Download

Where can I find the 3D model of KIWI310?

G Greg

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Power Source 2023-09-15

Kiwi - alternate power input source

Hi everyone,
pls could you tell me if there is the possibility to power up the Kiwi board with a power source different from USB_C power source ?
I saw this from Raspberry's GPIO pin layout. 
Could it be applied to Kiwi board too ?

Alex Nathan Bellini

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General 2023-09-11

Lithium battery spec

I need to replace the lithium battery , what are the spec?

H Hannah

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Services 2023-09-08

PCB customization

Who can I contact if I need customize the PCB of my KIWI310? I need to expand to 50GPIO pins and add a COM port 

H Hannah

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RMA 2023-09-08

RMA center

Where can I send my KIWI310 for repair and how long will it take?

H Hannah

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Software 2023-09-08

Bundle packages

Do KIWIBoards includes any pre-installed software or bundled packages for developing my application?

H Hannah

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Accessories 2023-09-08

Power adapter

Is the power adapter included in the KIWI310 box? or what is the part number for ordering?

H Hannah

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Accessories 2023-09-08

Cooling solutions

What are the cooling solutions or recommendations to keep the KIWI310 running optimally?


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OS & Drivers 2023-09-08

Operating system support

Which operating system and versions does KIWI310 support?

Y Yurku

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Software 2023-09-08

Development tools

Are there any software development tools or frameworks recommended for working with KIWI310?

Y Yurku

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OS & Drivers 2023-09-08

Drivers download

Where can I download the drivers for KIWI310?


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