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Why Heat Dissipation is Vital?

What is Heat Dissipation?

Embedded systems like KIWIboards are often compact and packed with components, which leads to inevitable heat buildup. Failure to dissipate this heat properly can result in various issues, such as reduced performance and accelerated component aging.

Heat dissipation is nothing more than the management and spread of the heat generated by critical electronic components during operation. Heat spread techniques typically involve the use of heat sinks, fans, thermal pads, or other cooling mechanisms to transfer excess heat away from sensitive components and disperse it into the surrounding environment. Through these effective heat dissipation implementation strategies, embedded systems can maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring their reliability, longevity, and overall performance.

KIWIboards leverages its extensive industry experience and offers complete heatsink customization services.

How does the heatsink work on KIWIboards?

The mechanism by which the KIWIboard heatsink works is closely related to thermal conduction. Conduction plays a crucial role in heat dissipation: it is one of the main mechanisms by which the heatsink conducts heat away from the heat source (CPU) and transfers it to the fins, to finally dissipating it into the surroundings through convection.

How do heatsink fins benefit KIWIboards?

Well, the fins on the heatsink serve a specific purpose related to maximizing heat dissipation. These fins are not randomly shaped or positioned but are carefully designed to improve the cooling performance of this heatsink.

It is worth mentioning that the performance of the heatsinks is also determined by other factors including:

  • The speed of the refrigerant fluid.

  • The thermal conductivity of the material.

  • The thermal interface material.

  • The attachment method

KIWIboard Solutions for Heat Dissipation

Our custom heatsinks address the unique needs of each KIWIboard model, making it the preferred choice for reliable and efficient heat management for your project.

KIWIboard Heatsink Solutions

KIWIboards Heatsink Applications  – Use Cases

The enormous range of applications has driven an expansion of heat dissipation solutions. The following represents just a fraction of the growing spectrum of applications where KIWIboards take advantage of the heatsink benefits:

  • Edge Computing Devices

KIWIboards as edge devices often operate 24/7 to process data in real-time and reduce latency by avoiding constant communication with a centralized server. Heatsinks are used to manage the heat generated by the CPU, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

  • Industrial IoT Applications

In industrial IoT applications, KIWIboards are deployed in harsh environments where temperature fluctuations and prolonged operation are common. The heatsink helps regulate the component's temperature, allowing the system to operate reliably under harsh conditions.

  • Smart Infrastructure

Smart grid monitoring systems or smart transportation systems powered by KIWIboards often handle significant data collection, communication, and analysis, making thermal management crucial for sustained 24-hour operation, 7 days a week.

  • Smart Home Automation

Playing the role of advanced smart hubs, KIWIboards can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, including device control, data processing, and user interface interactions. The heatsink dissipates heat generated by critical electronic parts, ensuring trouble-free operation and preventing overheating problems.

  • Environmental Monitoring

KIWIboards used for continuous environmental monitoring, such as weather stations or air quality sensors, can work tirelessly to provide real-time data. The heatsink helps maintain optimal operating temperatures and ensures reliable data collection in variable weather conditions.

KIWIboard Application Scenarios


Why KIWIboard solutions?

For a successful heat dissipation solution, it is important to choose devices that are durable enough to operate reliably for extended periods (often years) in harsh extreme environments. It is also important to work with a partner such as KIWIboard who has the experience and expertise to offset a reliable solution. KIWIboard can help you with any project planning and development aspect, from defining a design to programming and building your solution. Contact us to start the conversation.

About KIWIboard

KIWIboard is a complete solutions provider that supports all aspects of your project, from hardware to software and systems integration to keep your application running safely, reliably, and at peak performance. KIWIboard builds its products to provide high reliability, high performance, security, scalability, and versatility. so customers can expect a long lifespan, quickly adapt to changing system requirements, and adopt future technologies as they emerge.

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