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"NEW" - Hybrid Core Architecture

The KIWI330  is revolutionizing compact computing with its outstanding performance, connectivity, and versatility. Designed for modern computing applications, it pairs with Intel® 12th Gen Alder Lake-N Core™ Processors to offer unmatched efficiency and capability in a small form factor.

The Future of Compact Computing with Alder Lake-N

The hybrid architecture of Alder Lake-N processors maximizes the KIWI330’s performance and efficiency. With performance cores (P-Cores) handling demanding tasks and efficiency cores (E-Cores) managing lighter workloads, the KIWI330 delivers robust performance while maintaining low power consumption. This balance is perfect for applications requiring consistent uptime and reliability, such as industrial automation and remote monitoring.

Source: Intel

The Advantage of LPDDR5 Memory

LPDDR5 is the latest generation of low-power memory, offering a significant leap in speed and bandwidth compared to LPDDR4. Including LPDDR5 RAM in the KIWI330 ensures faster data transfer rates, reduced latency, and lower power consumption. This translates to enhanced performance in memory-intensive applications, which are crucial for tasks like data analysis, content creation, and complex simulations where memory speed is often a bottleneck. This makes the KIWI330 ideal for demanding tasks in edge computing, IoT devices, and mobile applications where power efficiency and performance are critical.

Advanced Connectivity

The KIWI330 utilizes Alder Lake-N’s advanced connectivity features, including Wi-Fi 6 through its M.2 slot, to offer high-speed data transfer and robust network performance. Additionally, the dual Gigabit Ethernet MIO module further enhances its networking capabilities, making it suitable for applications requiring reliable and fast internet connectivity. For instance, in a smart home setup, the KIWI330, combined with MIO modules, can seamlessly connect various devices, ensuring smooth operation and communication. 

Compact Design and Low Power

Combining Alder Lake-N processors with the KIWI330 results in a powerful, low-power solution. The low thermal output and efficient power consumption make the KIWI330 ideal for space-constrained and energy-efficient applications, such as medical devices and compact IoT gateways.

Diverse Applications of KIWI330

The KIWI330’s integration with Alder Lake-N processors opens up numerous possibilities across various industries. Its robust performance and reliability make industrial automation perfect for controlling machinery, monitoring systems, and managing industrial processes in real time. Its advanced connectivity and efficient power management make it ideal for deploying IoT devices and edge computing nodes in remote or resource-constrained environments.

For smart home and consumer electronics, the KIWI330’s compact form factor and versatility suit smart home hubs, home automation systems, and other consumer electronics needing powerful processing in a small footprint. In the medical field, low power consumption and reliability are essential for medical devices requiring long battery life and dependable performance. The KIWI330’s flexibility and expandability make it an excellent choice for educational purposes, prototyping, and developing new applications and technologies.

Why KIWIboard Solutions?

The KIWI330, combined with Intel’s Alder Lake-N processors, is at the forefront of compact computing. This powerful combination offers enhanced performance, advanced connectivity, and extensive flexibility in a compact form factor. Whether for industrial, commercial, or personal use, the KIWI330 with Alder Lake-N is poised to drive innovation and efficiency across various applications. Embrace the future of computing with the KIWI330, setting a new standard in compact computing solutions.

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