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KIWIboards with 5G

What is 5G?

At its core, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It represents a significant leap forward from its predecessors, namely 4G LTE, in speed, capacity, and connectivity. While 4G focused primarily on providing faster mobile internet speeds, 5G aims to revolutionize how we connect and interact with the digital world.

Key Features of 5G with KIWIboards

1. Enhanced Mobile Broadband

KIWIboards can capitalize on 5G's ultra-high speeds for faster data processing and transfer rates. This is particularly advantageous for applications requiring real-time data analysis, such as edge computing, video processing, and high-performance computing tasks.

2. Low Latency and Reliability 

The low latency of 5G networks complements the KIWIboards' real-time processing and response capabilities. This synergy benefits applications like autonomous systems, robotics, and remote monitoring, where split-second decision-making is critical.

3. Massive Connectivity

KIWIboards serve as central hubs for IoT deployments, aggregating data from numerous sensors and devices. With 5G's support for massive connectivity, KIWIboards can efficiently manage and process vast amounts of data from diverse sources, enabling more intelligent and responsive IoT solutions.

KIWIboard 5G Solution

The KIWI330 boasts a compact yet powerful design, featuring an Intel® Core™ Alder Lake-N processor and ample connectivity options. When integrated with the MIO-332 module, the KIWI330 becomes an ideal platform for 5G applications. The combined solution harnesses the ultra-high speeds and low latency of 5G networks and leverages the reliability and resilience of KIWIboard's hardware. Whether it's edge computing, IoT deployments, or telecommunications infrastructure, the KIWI330 and MIO-332 modules provide a solid foundation for building innovative solutions that push the boundaries of connectivity and performance in the 5G era.

About KIWIboard

KIWIboard is a complete solution provider, supporting all aspects of your project, from hardware to software to system integration, to keep your application running securely, reliably, and at peak performance. KIWIboard builds its products for high reliability, performance, security, scalability, and versatility. So, customers can expect a long lifespan, quickly adapt to evolving system requirements, and adopt future technologies as they emerge.

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