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KIWI330 Modular Design

Introducing the latest innovation from KIWboard, a pioneer in rugged edge/embedded computing and industrial technology: the KIW330 x86 single-board computer. Powered by Intel® Alder Lake-N processors, this cutting-edge SBC sets a new standard for performance and versatility in industrial IoT and embedded computing.

The KIWI330, based on Alder Lake-N, is tailored for efficiency, low power consumption, and robust multi-core performance. It is built on the Gracemont CPU architecture, which delivers a remarkable performance boost compared to preceding entry-level processors.

KIWI330 for Compact and Reliable Industrial Solutions

Powerhouse Performance

At its core is the KIWI330's support for Intel® Alder Lake-N processors, ensuring robust performance across demanding tasks. Whether powering AI applications, driving industrial automation, or tackling high-performance computing projects, the KIWI330's compatibility with Intel processors guarantees the horsepower needed to excel.

Memory and Storage: Amped Up Efficiency

The KIWI330 boasts impressive memory and storage capabilities, with onboard LPDDR5 RAM offering up to 16GB and NVMe storage options of up to 512 GB. This translates to blazing-fast data access and seamless multitasking, empowering users to tackle demanding applications easily, all within a compact form factor.

Seamless Connectivity, Expanded Possibilities

The KIWI330 offers plentiful connectivity options, featuring three USB Type-C ports for connecting the MIO modules, two USB 2.0 wafer connectors, an eDP connector for a 4K display, and an M.2 Key E2230 slot for WIFI modules and AI Accelerator cards. 

KIWI330  Top View - Interfaces

Modular Design for Flexibility

The KIWI330's modular design opens up a world of possibilities. With MIO modules, users can tailor the SBC to their specific requirements, adding functionality such as additional USB ports, LAN connectivity, GPIO expansion, and even integrated 4G or 5G capabilities. This level of customization ensures that the KIWI330 can adapt to a wide range of applications, from IoT projects to edge computing solutions and beyond.

KIWI330 Modular Design

Robust Design for Reliability

The KIWI330 is not just about performance; it's built to last. With an enhanced PCB design and meticulously engineered heatsink, the SBC ensures optimal thermal performance, even under sustained heavy workloads. This not only improves reliability but also prolongs the lifespan of the components, ensuring seamless operation for years to come.

KIWI330's Aluminium Heatsink

Why KIWIboard Solutions?

Investing in the KIWI330 is a decision backed by unparalleled versatility, performance, and reliability. With its support for Intel Core processors, ample memory and storage options, and modular design allowing for expansion via MIO modules, the KIWI330 caters to various applications, from industrial automation to AI development. Its comprehensive connectivity options, including multiple USB ports, M.2 slot, and DisplayPort outputs, ensure seamless integration into any project or setup. Moreover, the KIWI330's robust construction and enhanced PCB design guarantee long-term reliability, making it a sound investment for hobbyists and professionals. Whether you're seeking to push the boundaries of innovation or simply looking for a reliable computing solution, the KIWI330 stands ready to exceed your expectations and unlock a world of possibilities.

About KIWIboard

KIWIboard is a complete solution provider, supporting all aspects of your project, from hardware to software to system integration, to keep your application running securely, reliably, and at peak performance. KIWIboard builds its products for high reliability, performance, security, scalability, and versatility. So, customers can expect a long lifespan, quickly adapt to evolving system requirements, and adopt future technologies as they emerge.

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